20+ Vintage Lava Lamp Decorations Ideas That Will Look Cool

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Vintage Lava lamp is a trinket used for ornamental and embellishment purpose rather than for brightening up the place. This lamp was popular in the 1960's and 1970's. The mass of wax which rises and falls in compared to the flowing lava from a volcano, hence it is called the lava lamp.

Edward Craven Walker invented the lava lamp and it became a rage of that age. It is truly a homemaker's delight. It was also called the decorator. The planting of the lava lamp changed to suit the mood, d├ęcor, or party occasion. It is ideal for homes, offices and recreational rooms or executive suites. It added glamour and interest to any setting. It could be used either singly or in pairs.

The lamp complemented the soothing sleep-provoking action, hence ideal for a child's bedroom or nursery. It emitted a starlit appearance that was especially dramatic in dimly lit areas. The lamp served as a modern decorator for reception and waiting rooms as well.

Vintage Lava Lamp could also create a hypnotic spell. It offered sophistication with simplicity and beauty wherever placed. It was very collectible because of its charming and fascinating qualities. They come in different colors, size and shapes. The lamp has all the qualities to mesmerize you with its flow. These wonderful lamps are a fusion of art and science of motion. Although invented in the 60's it is still a contemporary piece today.
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