20+ Trendy Small Backyard Design Ideas That Have A Stylish Look

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Don't despair if you don't have a backyard that can be converted into a tennis court; a small backyard can be a cozy and charming place for you and your family. It might be really exciting to dream about a large garden and an outdoor pool, but keep in mind that an area like that would have its downside as well. Just think about how much time you would need to clean and maintain the place.

And if you can't do that yourself, think about how much money you would need to spend to hire people to do the job. It might actually be a blessing in disguise that you only have a smaller space as that would require low maintenance. And with so many creative and innovative ideas these days, that small backyard can turn out to be one of the family's most favorite places one of these days.

When you have a small backyard, maximize what you have. You may choose to install a decorative fence to create a comfortable atmosphere. If you love plants, make sure you don't select bushes as they are bulky and could take a lot of space. Avoid choosing different plants and stick to the dwarf varieties. You don't want to overcrowd a small area when your main objective is to actually create more space, or give an impression of a larger backyard. Keep the designs as simple as possible.

If you want flowers, don't experiment and be tempted to dump the place with flowers of different colors. Avoid visual clutter by selecting a single dominant color in varying shades. The same concept applies to your choice of outdoor furniture; select a one color and ensure they are made from the same kind of material as well. If you prefer wood, go with wood all throughout. If you prefer metal or iron, then stick with it for the rest of the furniture and outdoor fixtures.
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