20+ Chic Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas To Try This Season

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Chic Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas To Try This Season 01

One of the easiest ways to revamp your bathroom is with a new bathroom vanity. The most important feature when picking a bathroom vanity is the design; they really make the space more pleasant. A new vanity under your bathroom sink will not only give you a place to store away items, but can also add more counter space to put all your toiletries on.

Often when people plan a bathroom remodel, they neglect the storage. With several people sharing one home, though, having a vanity to store all the items they need in the bathroom is a good feature. Reducing clutter also adds to the beauty and design of your bathroom space.

When shopping for new vanities, you must first measure the amount of space you'll be able to devote to the new vanity. Most vanities come in widths of 18 inches up to 48 inches, in increments of 6 inches. There are many different designs to consider, as well. Your vanity should coincide with other fixtures and design features in your bathroom. There are modern, classic, deco, antique, and many other styles to choose from. They don't just come in wood, either; there are many different materials to choose from.
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