20+ Attractive Wooden Pallets Projects Design Ideas That You Should Try

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Wood, as you know, comes from trees. Trees play an important part in keeping the air we breathe clean. They take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Trees also provide shade for both humans and animals alike. We also use them to shade our homes and places of business to cut down on energy costs. So, recycling wood makes perfect sense for the environment.

The most historic use of recycled wood is probably the use of old barns. Barnwood has become quite expensive over the years to purchase. This is due to its obvious scarcity. Barnwood is likely a non renewable resource, if you want to call it that, as many new farm structures are being built with metals. Barnwood's popularity is due to its weathered look and durability. It has been recycled over the years into many items including wall coverings, clocks, and birdhouses.

The availability of "new" barnwood is based on the destruction of a barn. Similarly, older homes are being destroyed daily across the planet. This material is often quickly trucked to a landfill for disposal. However, much of the lumber from a demolished home can be reused. It's a long process to dismantle a home for the lumber but it is being done.

A third way wood is being recycled is through the reuse of wooden pallets. Wood pallets are used in great numbers throughout the world for shipping and warehousing functions. When a pallet breaks or becomes unusable, it is often discarded. But, there are several companies and individuals who take these pallets for recycling. The process is quite simple and involves tearing a pallet down to its basic pieces of lumber. The recycled pallet wood is then either used to build new pallets or in other projects.
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