20+ Spectacular Diy Pvc Chicken Feeder Design Ideas For Pet Lovers

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Spectacular Diy Pvc Chicken Feeder Design Ideas For Pet Lovers 01

Do you have a desire to raise your own chickens in your backyard? The enjoyment you get from watching their antics to eating the fresh eggs is worth the efforts you put forth in getting ready to raise chickens in your backyard.

I am fairly new to raising urban chickens and when I began I was less than thrilled. It was not in my plans to raise chickens but divine intervention happened...

My husband works for the Department of Agriculture so is frequently in an environment with the opportunity to purchase multiple breeds of animals. In 2005, I attended an auction with him and saw some quail. I am an avid backyard birder, watching and feeding any bird that visits my yard. When I saw these birds I decided I wanted to raise some.

It was in early December and I was on one of my frequent trips for my job. I arrived home and I thought my husband was acting a little strange but being gone a few days what did I know. I was home about an hour when suddenly I heard a rooster crowing. I could tell by the sound that it was very close and had to be in our yard.
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