44 Newest Kitchen Storage Design Ideas With A Fancy Pantry

If you have a crowded pantry or just plain not enough kitchen storage, there are few ways you can keep your food better organized and more accessible. Mastering the art of storing your food can save you money and make meal ideas easier to come by.

Start by organizing your non-perishable food items such as canned goods. Check your cans for expiration dates. Throw away any canned goods that are leaking, budging or have a foul smell. If you haven’t needed whatever it is, it’s probably something you could do without and will save you some space. Consider donating extra items that are still good to a food pantry or a family member or friend that could use it.

Next it’s time to look at ways to improve kitchen storage with some of your foods. For things like flour and sugar, it’s convenient to put them in leak proof, clear plastic containers. Some containers are even specially made for this purpose, which makes them easy to measure out and use quickly. The containers are stackable and easily storeable.

If you like to save money by buying items in bulk, containers can be a great way to store things in smaller usable quantities while you keep the rest in another location in the house. Even if you don’t buy in bulk, discarding the original containers can save a lot of space and often keep the food fresher longer.

It’s always good practice to keep your most commonly used food items in the most convenient locations, especially if you are low on┬ákitchen storage. One helpful tip is to plan the week’s menu ahead of time and gather the ingredients you will need in one place. This will save time in a busy day and keep you on track to make home cooked meals.


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