45 Stunning Wall Painting Design Ideas With Animal Themes

When we talk about a wild animal theme we are referring to the big five. So the styling patterns would include animal prints, dark wood, warm colours and freedom. It’s easy to achieve this look because you have so many elements to work with. Here are some ideas to get your classic wild animal themed lounge.

First of all you have to determine what you like. Some people will want to show off their passion for the culture. In that case, the designs will be bold and take up more surface area such as the wall or the carpet. On the other hand, people with a classic taste will use the animal design element on the cushions or as artwork on the walls.

Wooden figurines are a symbol of the local culture. These are minimalistic works of art and will usually be most suitable on the mantle of a fireplace or in focal corner. You could also use painted clay vases to achieve this cultural look.

Animals are a big part of the savannah. A framed picture or painting of your favourite big five animal will look superb in your lounge. Animals show a pure and beautiful aspect of our world and would calm your guests whenever they step into your house.

Dark wood works well with this theme. The idea of untampered wood goes with the mahogany tint. This also adds a warm feeling to the environment.

Potted plants are a great element to have in your lounge. Add plants in a clay pot that fits in with the theme. The greenery is considered a natural habitat for wild animals so it’s only fitting that plants form part of this eccentric theme. The natural green will also added a pop of colour in your lounge.

Die-hard fans of this theme will also want to try a slate wall. The layers and edges that the slate creates will be reminiscent of the rock walls in nature. This material is usually taken from caves. So imagine your home looking like a luxury hotel within a cave? This is definitely something worth having installed if you want to complete the theme.

Another design element for this theme is leather or its affordable alternative nepolite. Of course you need to have leather in this themed lounge. Leather is usually dark and it’s a super-soft material which is perfect for home comfort. Leather is also part of nature. With leather or nepolite¬†lounge suites¬†you can achieve that natural look and feel.

Put your heart and soul into redecorating your home because in the end you are going to be living in it. The lounge is where guests spend most of their time when visiting you so make sure that it is a fun and welcoming space.


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