39 Creative Vehicle Beds Design Ideas For Kids Dreams

How do you get an active little boy with a big imagination to quiet down and calm down enough to want to go to bed, much less fall asleep? One way is to select for them a boy’s bed that matches their own on-the-go energy, namely: transportation themed beds.

What pint-sized speed racer wouldn’t want to park it at night in a race car theme bed, for example? Or, for another example, what little explorer wouldn’t want to take off each night in their own airplane theme bed or rocket ship theme bed?

Follow that Dream

Even though their tastes may vary, little boys everywhere love to make custom children’s beds that go their next nightly pit stop. If your little boy has his eyes set on the open road then consider a custom truck bed or maybe instead a custom train bed. If, on the other hand, they’ve got their sights on the open sea, then maybe a custom sailboat bed or custom yacht bed or other custom ship bed will suit them better. Little soldiers may enjoy hunkering down in a custom tank bed.

Expand their Horizons

Another great thing about transportation themed beds is that they come with their own built in decorating ideas. Decorating kids rooms around a transportation theme bed is as simple as imagining with them the environment that vehicle travels in.

In other words, if your little boy wants a submarine theme bed then you can expand that theme into his overall kids bedroom d├ęcor with murals on the walls of underwater ocean scenes. If, on the other hand, your little boy wants a race car bed then you can paint NASCAR racetrack murals on the walls.

Because paints are so relatively inexpensive compared with other decorating components, murals are an easy and affordable way to extend the theme in your little boys bed to the rest of his bedroom. Airplane theme beds suggest sky murals, rocket ship theme beds suggest space murals, truck theme beds may go well with highway murals, and jeep theme beds may go well with jungle safari murals.

How To Get Your Wound-Up Little Boy to Wind Down

Childhood is a trip, and to get a little boy to park it long enough to get some needed rest, give him a custom theme bed that puts him in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s an airplane bed, a train bed, or an ocean liner bed, a custom transportation themed bed will no doubt transport your little boy into his own rolling dreamscape.


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