34 Sparkling Flower Centerpieces Design Ideas For Winter Table To Try

There are many options to choose from for centerpieces, however wedding flowers centerpieces are probably the most popular. There are many great flower choices regardless of the season of your wedding.

To get you started, listed below are 6 hints to consider when thinking about flower centerpieces.

  • Set a budget for your wedding flowers centerpieces. Flowers can be very expensive, so have an idea of how much you will be able to spend. This is one area a good Florist or wedding planner can help. Tell her or him what you are looking for and what your budget is, and they will be able to give you ideas to work with.
  • Choose flowers that are in season to help keep you within your budget. Having off season flowers imported will definitely cost more and possibly be a hassle. Where you live might also determine what flowers are available at different times of the year.
  • If you are having a destination wedding, choose flowers that are native to that location. Take advantage of what is available locally. Most larger resorts have wedding planners or Florists onsite to help with the selection and set up of your centerpieces.
  • Look for unique containers or vases to make your centerpieces unique. This can help to take a boring centerpiece and make it memorable. For example, instead of plain old clear glass vases, choose vases that are a different color or have designs in them.
  • If your budget is really tight, consider silk flowers. Good ones look very real, and your guests might not even know the difference. Check craft stores for do it yourself supplies. There are also professional designers that specialize in silk flowers.
  • Match your flowers with your wedding theme. This can be a color combination, a season like Fall or just about anything. Your theme can run through all of your table decorations including flower colors and containers.

To help with the selection and coordination of your wedding flowers centerpieces, you should consider working with a Florist. It is definitely possible to do them yourself, however Florists have access to the freshest varieties of flowers and they can give you valuable ideas.

As mentioned previously choosing flowers in season can help to keep you in budget, and they are also easier to find in season. Listed below are the most popular wedding flowers for each season.


There are many flowers to choose from for Spring including cherry blossom, daffodil, dogwood, hyacinth, sweet pea and tulips. Match up the vibrant colors of the season with your flowers to create eye-catching centerpieces.


Hot Summer options include dahlia, daisy, gladiolus, snapdragon, violet and zinnia. This is the perfect season for a daisy theme wedding or a combination of the colorful flowers of this season.


Popular choices for Fall include sunflowers, chrysanthemum, and hydrangea. Try sticking to deep reds, gold and other colors of the season.

Accent your flowers with leaves, pumpkins or apples to finish off your wedding flowers centerpieces.


Amaryllis, evergreen, poinsettia and roses are great choices for Winter. Evergreens can be decorated if you are having a holiday wedding, and you can never go wrong with roses especially around Valentine’s Day.


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