33 Perfect Toddler Girls Room Design Ideas With Painted Photo Frames

Designing and shopping for your baby girl nursery is fun. There are many ways to create a unique baby room. Here are some ideas to decorate a nursery room for your baby girl.

Choose a girl theme like butterflies, ladybugs, princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Disney, Peter Rabbit, Hello Kitty, or flowers. Or you may prefer a favorite hobby to introduce to your baby girl.

Use pastel color like pink, purple pink, sky white, pale yellow, or light green to paint the walls. Don’t overdo it with one color. Mix the pastel colors with dark colors like brown or black furniture to create dramatic focal point. Dark colors attract her eyes. After that, you can dress up the painted walls with a wallpaper border around the middle of the room.

Remember to think ahead to the future. Choose decor and furniture that will grow with her. Buy furniture that can be used for years. Today, many babies bedding can be converted into toddler beds and even adult beds. Be sure to buy a baby bedding that was painted with non-leaded paint. Combine it with a matching changing table that can be converted to dressers.

Give accent to the wall with wall hangings, vintage images, or family photos. Add something glitter, sparkle, and shine to the room. This accents will add to the delightful setting of your nursery space.

The most important think to consider is to create a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere for you and your baby girl to rest. So, enjoy your time decorating your baby nursery.


Image Source : Pinterest

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