32 Adorable Movable House Design Ideas Under 25 Square Meters To Have

A contemporary hen house design should combine the best parts of tradition with modern, practical features. When taking a Do-It-Yourself approach to building a premium hen house, it’s important to keep this concept in mind. This article outlines some of the more important aspects to modern chicken coops, and aims to get you off to a flying start.

Basic Structural Tips

No matter how experienced you are with DIY building projects, there are always a few basic guidelines you need to follow in order to get things right the first time. Below are a few points relating to hen house construction.

1) Strongly consider building a larger house than you’ve already planned. In my experience, people just starting out in chicken raising underestimate how large their flock is going to be. Make sure to add a couple of birds on to your “final” number, and build accordingly.

2) Build separate nesting and grazing areas. The nesting space should be completely protected from the elements. You’ll also want to research what kind of predators frequent your area, and build adequate protective aspects to the coop.

3) Do you require a portable chicken coop? There are quite a few large hen house designs that can still be quite easily moved around. However, the biggest coops usually need to be partially de-constructed to be moved. If building one of these it’s better to decide on a spot and keep it there.

Where To Find Hen House Plans

There are a few options here: Check out your local bookstore, search online bookstores, or instantly download construction plans in PDF format. You can decide what suits you better, but remember that quality is variable. Digital plans are generally of a high quality since there is an element of risk in the purchase (i.e. not being able to see the product before it’s bought).


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