33 Charming Urban Backyard Oasis Design Ideas With Tropical Décor To Try

Garden Oasis Patio

After a hard day at work there is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on a patio swing in a beautifully designed garden oasis patio. Surrounded by ferns and other tropical plants would complete the scene. Natural looking flagstone landscaping underfoot creates the effect of walking down a tropical path.

Gazebo Landscape

By adding a gazebo landscape you will be creating another area, possibly away from the house or maybe near a pool, for entertaining or just relaxing. These sturdily built structures are attractive and also come in easy to assemble kits made of resin but give the look of wood.

A gazebo covering a jacuzzi is also a great way to stay out of the sun while relaxing in the backyard spa. With beautiful climbing plants, hanging flower pots and a few strategically placed candles you will have created the perfect romantic setting.

Natural Flagstone Landscaping

With the natural look of a flagstone landscape your garden oasis patio area will be complete. Flagstone carefully placed around your garden creates a dramatic footpath leading out to your gazebo landscape. This look combined with beautiful tropical plants builds on the relaxing theme of the outdoor space.

An outdoor fireplace or kitchen are also great additions to any outdoor area. This keeps the traffic out of the house and in the garden oasis patio. People tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable outdoors rather than in the more formal areas inside the home. Patio furniture is sturdier and easier to clean. As the host you will also be more relaxed.

Consider adding an attractive storage area. When entertaining you do not want to have garden rakes, hoses or tricycles laying about. There are many storage solutions on the market that are attractive as well as easy to install. Find something that fits in with the mood you have created in your outdoor space. You may want something rustic or a more classic looking structure.


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