34 Stunning Frame Cabin Design Ideas With Nature To Try Asap

Whether a log cabin tucked back into the mountains or a rustic cabin at the seashore, a getaway cabin is a dream come true. Cabins often have limited space, so families struggle to select the right cabin furniture. They usually need to maximize sleeping arrangements so kids can bring friends, and relatives’ families can come for a stay.

Cabin owners end up using twin beds as sofas where they would really prefer to have sofasĀ andĀ beds. Why not use versatile, multi-functional furniture that provides both comfortable and attractive sitting and comfortable sleeping?

Futon couches have serious advantages as cabin furniture! Consider some of the great things they can do for a cabin.

Futons serve both purposes – sitting and sleeping – admirably. Today’s futons are comfortable and attractive sofas that easily open out into comfortable beds.

Futons come in rustic log furniture styles, characterized by their natural, almost weathered appearance. Glazed and distressed finishes add an aged look, which makes these beautiful as rustic cabin furniture.

Futons come in twin, full, and queen sizes to blend into whatever space is available. Many have a much lighter weight appearance than traditional sofas, so they are an attractive addition to a small room.

If concerned about mattress comfort, you can purchase foldable futon mattresses with full innersprings and luxurious memory foam. There are also memory foam mattress toppers that will make any sleeper bed much more comfortable.

Futons will be your most functional piece of cabin furniture. They are easy to convert from sofa to bed and back again. Even kids can work them. Some are easier than others. Tip: the Clic-Clac mechanisms are among the easiest to operate.

Futons frames not only blend into the cabin decor but they can actually enhance it. Oak and pine log futons and other carved wood frames give your mountain cabin a wonderful rustic appearance while being attractive and multi-functional.

The cover for your futon mattress becomes a key element in the look and feel of your cabin, because futon covers come in thousands of beautiful designs. Many are exquisitely woven with mountain and seashore designs in a variety of color schemes. Other scenes depict hunting, fishing, sailing, and golfing. Don’t forget the tropical scenes, woodlands, and horse prints that resemble works of art. You can always buy additional yardage, if needed, when you find the perfect design for decorating a cabin.

Futon covers also come in modern microfiber faux suedes and a wide variety of animal prints that resemble the rewards of big game hunts. Take your cabin furniture design a step further with pillows that match or coordinate with your futon cover designs.

Of course, all of this costs money. But online futon stores not only offer several tiers of quality in futon frames and covers, but they pass on the savings from their low overhead to you, the customer, in the form of great discounts. Futon beds are available in a wide range of prices, from unfinished pine to beautiful, carved tropical woods and solid oak in a variety of finishes. You can always find the color and comfort level that you want.

Futons are frequently sold in pieces for (easy) assembly at home, and cost less as a result. So no matter how small the cabin door, the unassembled futon frame will fit through it! Don’t worry – futon assembly is a simple process that takes only an hour or two with a wrench and a screwdriver.

Some futons have underlying drawers and secret compartments in which to store bedding when you’re not using it. When you leave the cabin, stow your blankets, pillows, and sheets away for safekeeping.


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