31 Lovely Bookshelf Organization Ideas That Tell To How To Organize Your Bookshelf

A simple white bookshelf in your home holds both minimalist yet functional qualities. Having these simple shelves does not only help you organize your things and make your room clean, but it also actually adds up personality and style. This article will show you unique, simple, and easy to follow ideas that can help you transform your simple white bookshelf into a contemporary art piece that is surely unique and everyone would surely want to have in their own homes too.

Black ink contrasts well with white background especially when it comes to creating a contemporary type piece using a white bookshelf as a canvas. You can write in your favorite quotes or lines on the furniture or doodle on the bookshelves with the use of black ink that contrasts well with the bookshelf. Doing these steps will help you transform your plain and simple bookshelf into a contemporary piece that still has the functions of a regular bookshelf. A word of caution though, you need to make sure that you have already envisioned what you want your bookshelf to look like.

Using a second hand white bookshelf in creating a contemporary piece will surely make you save money rather than buying new contemporary bookshelves which are actually quite expensive and are hard to find. With your very own contemporary piece that you designed yourself, you are guaranteed with an original and genuine bookshelf that not just only organizes things, but also acts as a contemporary piece that adds up a unique style to your room.


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